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About Us

About Us

Diwata Universal Enterprises is an art and design company that produces yoga mats based on hand painted art. Our brand supports the feminine creative energy present within us all. Diwata in Tagalog (Filipino) means Goddess, in this case, Mother Earth and the energy of the divine feminine. The Diwata brand represents being able to free your inner self and become one with nature once again. Being able to gain inner piece allows for healing, love and creativity, all of which we stand for at Diwata Universal Enterprises.

Diwata started as an old dresser falling apart in the summer heat. The artist behind the designs, Katherine Anne Alano, painted her first piece of artwork on the plywood from the bottom of a dresser drawer. That is when the idea to create a brand of yoga mats based on her hand painted artwork was born.

Product Features

•All natural rubber bottom 3mm thickness for great joint cushioning

•Printed microfiber top that gives mats soft feel for comfort and functionality

•Highly absorbent material, liquids do not soak into the mat on contact

•Great for Hot Yoga, eliminates the need for yoga towel

•All materials used in the production of these yoga mats DO NOT contain any animal products

•Heat transfer printing creates colorful and vibrant designs that do not fade during normal use

•Mats can be used as artwork to decorate a space when not is use

PLEASE NOTE: Although our products are designed in the Philippines, our products are shipped from China. Customs charges may apply. Please check with your local customs authority before placing an order. Thank you!



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